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Cellar & Pantry Producer:

Yolky Dokey

Our eggs are laid by happy pasture-raised, grain fed, free-range hens.

#Mornington Peninsula

We will keep the number of chickens to fewer than 100 hens per hectare. This plan for low stocking density is something that we pride ourselves on, for the well-being of our chooks. Until we started this venture, we were unaware that most free-range chicken farms have anywhere between 1,500 – 10,000 hens per hectare!

The chooks on Lil’s Farm have the freedom to enjoy dust bathing, flying and scratching for bugs and grubs at their leisure. We assure you that we believe our way is the key to both sustainable farming and ensuring that our girls have plenty of space to live a happy and healthy life. Our Gypsy chickens will live in the best conditions out in the open pastures, enjoying their freedom to roam.

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