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BoatShed Cheese

BoatShed Cheese is an award winning small business, renowned for its handmade artisan French style soft cheese, using goat, cow and buffalo milk.

#Mornington Peninsula

BoatShed Cheese began in 2011 when chef and cooking teacher, Tamara Newing found solace in cheesemaking as a way of dealing with the tragic loss of her youngest son. Tamara’s newly discovered passion for cheese making saw the creation of a small, artisan business in the family’s boat shed and the aptly named BoatShed Cheese was born.

The cheesery soon outgrew the family’s boat shed and is now situated in the Dromana Industrial estate nestled between artisan distilleries and breweries.

Shaun Landman, a Melbourne based chef came on board 6 years ago and has found his true love cheesemaking.  After years of overworking as a chef reigning the kitchens of two busy Melbourne Cafes and the upcoming birth of his first child, Shaun made the decision to shift his career towards dietetic studies, diving into the world of nutrition and microbiology. Soon enough Shaun realised he was missing a big part of his creative life…food. Armed with microorganism knowledge and love of food, he was drawn to the fascinating and ever changing world of cheesemaking. Tamara took Shaun under her wings and taught him her cheesemaking skills. Not long after, Shaun became the main Cheesemaker of Boatshed Cheese applying combining his new skills with his old chef’s knowledge and experience to help drive the cheesery to where it is now.

Boatshed Cheese are renown for their collaborations with their neighbouring breweries, distilleries and even coffee roasters. From wine, beer and gin washed rind cheese to Pinot drunken cheese and the latest… Coffee washed Buffalo cheese that screams Tiramisu ☕️  ?

The business has recently been purchased by a dairy farming family of which mother and daughter team – Sarah and Becky, and now haun is teaching Becky his cheesemaking skills.

Talking to Shaun on what’s ahead for Boatshed is truly exciting and we cannot wait to taste their new cheese in the coming months.  Surrounded by bountiful natives & indigenous bush food, the local surroundings of Boatshed Cheese is the perfect colour palate for their cheese.