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Flinders Produce – Artisan Chocolate

A passion for chocolate making and gifting to family and friends was nurtured and developed into a small artisanal chocolatier.
Meet Robyn Williams.

Flinders Produce chocolate range
#Mornington Peninsula

We were delighted to meet Robyn, a unique artisan chocolatier, based in Flinders and discover her sensational range of hand made Chocolates.

With a passion for making chocolates that started some 15 years ago when she did her first (of many) chocolate making classes at Savour School, she brings new and exciting chocolates to the Peninsula. Robyn got to sample and work with good Belgian chocolate and quality ingredients that she continue to work with today.

Family and friends have been her students and taste testers for many years and now we get to enjoy her unique chocolates too.

Having stepped back from corporate life and now living in Flinders, artisan chocolate making has taken centre stage, allowing Robyn to create great quality chocolates and experiment with new flavour.

Robyn’s range keeps on developing with new flavours appearing every week with flavour combinations that will awaken your sense bud. Our favourite is the Strawberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate Block with just enough chilli to warm up your Autumn cool evenings. Her dedication and love to high quality chocolates brought her to experiment with the newly discovered Ruby chocolate, a Cocoa bean that was discovered 15 years ago and released to the chocolatiers world in ’15. Now Robyn has created a unique Ruby Chocolate & Macadamia bar like no other chocolate you have ever had.