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Fenian Wines

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The Fenian label was born in 2012 with the first commercial release from winemaker Eammon (Ed) Donnelly.

What started out as a hobby, soon became a passion, and the desire to learn more, took Ed to Charles Sturt University to complete his Associate Degree in Winegrowing in 2004.

For a number of years, Ed made small quantities of wine from grapes sourced from local vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula, using different varietals and slowly increasing the volume every year.

Ed worked many vintages on the Peninsula with T’Gallant and Red Hill Estate and also a vintage at Hugel in Alsace, France.

2016 marked the start of an exciting new chapter with Fenian Wines now operating on a 6 acre vineyard in Red Hill with cellar door and winery.