Cellar & Pantry Producer:

Mossy Willow Farm

Farming for us is a way of life, not a vocation.

Mossy Willow Farm
#Mornington Peninsula

The good people of Mossy Willow strive to farm in a way that supports life and creates fertility. Their practices are gentle upon the landscape, yet we maintain an incredibly high production/yield per square foot. High quality production doesn’t have to come at a cost to nature.

Mossy Willow take a lot of inspiration from methodologies encouraging the use of good design and the inclusion of natural elements and patterns in the landscape. Trees and other perennial plants are central to the farmscape and provide animal habitat, windbreaks, forage, financial income and beauty.

The production methods are based around strong belief in creating living soils. Soils are the base of a healthy eco-system and fertile farm, and therefore their priorities building our soil health as a core practice of their farming ethos. One method that is used to encourage such soil health is called ‘no till’ or ‘minimal till’ farming. Practically, this means minimal impact on soil biology by not inverting or unnecessarily disturbing the natural soil structure. This encourages bacterial life, fungal life, and the soil web to thrive and create balance and fertility within the soils.

Mossy Willow produce vary from week to week. To shop for their produce pop into the store to see what’s available.