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Prancing Horse Estate

Located within the vineyard is the "Wild One" by preeminent Australian sculptor, artist Deborah Halpern. Wild One is depicted on every bottle of Prancing Horse wine.

prancing horse vineyard
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The two blocks first planted in Red Hill South in 1985 are located on a moderate slope, one running northeast and the other facing west. They provide the ideal environment to produce small parcels of fruit that truly express their individual terroir. The property is surrounded by bush and pasture and oversees Western Port Bay and Bass Strait.

In the 1ER Cru and Grand Cru vineyards of France, our fine wine obsession led to partnerships with leading exponents of biodynamic winemaking, Pascal Marchand in Burgundy and Patrick Piuze in Chablis. They aim to produce all our wines to this standard while preserving the integrity of the environment in everything they do.

Prancing Horse believe that terroir is implicit in the consistent style differences between ours and adjacent vineyards, the differences in aroma, flavour and most importantly, the structure of our wines. The horse is the inspiration behind our venture into the wine industry highlighting their strong connection and admiration for the animal and its long association with biodynamic viticulture. The Prancing Horse also embraces the qualities we seek to capture in our wines where a gentle approach in the vineyard and winery has led to wines of elegance, complexity, excitement, and power. In applying organic and biodynamic practices we seek to maximise the flavour potential and fruit balance in our vineyards.
Their horses, Licorice, Duchess and Molly have played a significant role in the vineyard cultivation and management. Today their herd of sheep continue this work. They are important contributors to our composting approach to nurture the soil and recreate the living ecosystem essential to providing quality wines.