Cellar & Pantry Producer:

Tuerong Farm

Tuerong Farm Flour
#Mornington Peninsula

Jason Cotter and Emma Hicks grow and stone-mill heritage, ancient and modern grains in the 60hs farm in Tuerong. They grow a small yet impressive range of grains such as red wheat, white wheat, spelt, maize and Kamut.

With sustainability and crop rotation practice in mind, Jason and Emma have cultivated grains with great flavour and nutrition as their driving force rather than mass industrial yield, reclaiming  grains as they are supposed to be, a healthy nutritious food to consume daily.

The high extraction stone-milled flour is supplied at a consistent 170micron fineness (very fine) and milled to demand. It is fresh, full of flavour and nutrition, and a true expression of a single variety and the land in which it was grown. Unless otherwise requested, the variety we are currently milling is Mustang.

Jason’s tip for bread making:

Start at 80% hydration and work up or down from there, depending on flour type and your baking style. The Winter white is generally thirstier than commercial white flour.