Cellar & Pantry Producer:

Arc Café

Drawing from his French heritage, Chef Alex Roser creates in his kitchen premium tarts and pate’s to impress your family and friends.

Arc tart
#Mornington Peninsula

Arc Cafe began as a popular Carlton restaurant and became a local landmark for over ten years.

The business moved to the Mornington Peninsula a number of years ago where Cathy Cooke and Alex Roser remain the owners. Cathy and Alex reinvented Arc Cafe to become a premium wholesale food producer, and now ship their products to retail grocery and cafe outlets all over Victoria. They have used their years of experience in the restaurant industry to develop a range of premium quality products for the convenience of today’s busy lifestyles.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used with the simple goals that the food must be healthy and taste great. Alex remains the Executive Chef and, possibly due to his French heritage, retains a passion for food that remains undiminished. He has managed to instil this passion into his long serving team, and this helps to ensure that the quality of the food produced within his kitchen is maintained to the highest standards every day.

The food options are perfect for busy people looking for a healthy meal, and with the inclusion of a number of vegetarian options, provide a fast and flexible solution to those informal entertaining needs.

All our products are:

  • Handmade, natural products using fresh and authentic ingredients
  • Individually prepared to guarantee the quality and value
  • Versatile, as the tarts can be frozen for impromptu occasions