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Bonza Brewing

He's a bit of a gypsy, a brewer, a Ninch boy named Mick. And more than anything he's Bonza.

Bonza brewing Poster
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#Mornington Peninsula

Mick, alongside a few other Australian microbreweries are relentlessly trying to define Australian Beer, using all australian ingredients, from malt and hops to yeasts and local fruit.

After a year of pouring beer from his mobile bar in events and continually being asked if it’s his beer, Mick took the plunge and started working on a recipe that produced what he calls Australian Ale, a kinda pale ale that is produced from Australian ingredients. With a few years a beer brewing under his belt in the local breweries, Mick gave Bonza its life.

Already Bonza is receiving a great exposure and following around the Mornington Peninsula, Mick’s home, he is planning in expanding his reach to Melbourne.

We love  the 1970’s Bonza’s design, capturing the quirky kookaburra and is a part of the Mornington Peninsula and Australia’s soundscape. The Kookaburra was designed by a local Tattoo artist that specialises in Australian wildlife, strengthening Mick is celebrating by creating a true Australian Beer.

With a strong environmental conscious, Mick is committed to offset his carbon footprint by donating a percentage to Greenfleet, an Australian non for profit organization committed to protecting the climate by restoring forests. Mick donates enough to plant a tree for every 50LT  keg he’s producing.

Mick’s beer brewing journey is well on its way and is guaranteed to improve and evolve and we can’t wait to see how his Australian Beer story unfolds.