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Three Bays Mineral Water

Dayle and Olaf, had no idea how unique their water spring was when they purchased their Red Hill property.
For the first two years they owned the farm, they used the water on their garden. Little did they know what is about to reveal.

Three Bays Water
#Mornington Peninsula

Dubbed by some as Unicron Water, Three Bays water is a 200 year old spring water in Red Hill and was described as ‘the Oscars of fine water’ in the Fine Water Society in Stockholm.

What now is the chosen mineral water amongst Hollywood’s stars (although still fairly unknown in Australia), started as a mear accidental discovery in Olaf’s and Dayle’s Red Hill Holiday House. A chance remark from a friend, about water seeping from what they assumed was a run-of-the-mill spring in the backyard of their five-hectare Mornington Peninsula holiday house, prompted a curious test. The couple sent samples for testing and what came back stunned them: evidence the water arises from the Palaeolithic Basement, taking a minimum of 2000 years and travels 900m to force its way through the area’s mineral-rich red soil to reach the surface.

Olaf and Dayle began to bottle a fraction of the water that flows to the surface each day. A sample eventually found its way into the hands of Martin Riese, a qualified water sommelier at the exclusive Petit Ermitage restaurant in Los Angeles and also a judge in the annual Fine Water Society awards. He recommends Three Bays to his customers and describes it as “the olive oil of water” with a “sweet and creamy” taste. Three Bays water does have quite a unique taste.

Extensive testing has shown Three Bays contains 23 out of the 24 minerals required for good health, and that no other known commercial mineral water in the world can match it for purity.

Olaf and Dayle have since quit their corporate jobs to concentrate on bottling the outflow of their artesian spring. Once the spring has achieved full utilisation of its 20,000-litre-a-day capacity for a year, Dayle and Olaf have pledged to redirect the profits into establishing a safe house for victims of family violence. They see the water as a gift to them and therefore happy to give back.