Cellar & Pantry Producer:

I Am Earth

I am alive with the life force

I am Earth Chai in a pot
#Mornington Peninsula

It was a natural holistic progression that drove Aaron to develop his passion for Organic produce to crafting blends of organic Tea like no other.

Aaron Brereton, founder of ‘I Am Earth’ has a true passion for organic regenerative farming which has led him to grow his owin fresh produce to sell in markets. Following advice from his mentor, John Carrol from Prana Produce, Aaron developed a garden bountiful of produce to sell in the market but it just wasn’t quite enough to satisfy his business mind.

His appetite to expand his knowledge for the healing properties of herbs and spices motivated him to share his appreciation to Herbs & Spices with the public, in the shape of Tea. The well loved common drink most people enjoy daily.  He then meticulously sourced premium organic ingredients and started experimenting and blending his spices in his little St. Andrews shed until he reached the perfect blends of  3 Teas and 1 decadent drinking Chocolate, that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Aaron’s favourite is Chai Tea. What is yours?