Cellar & Pantry Producer:

Red Hill Truffles

Situated on a stunning property thats been in the same family since in Red Hill  in 1864, Jenny and Mike decided to introduce Périgord black truffles to Red Hill in 2005. Five years later, an exciting venture began when a single truffle was unearthed.

#Mornington Peninsula

Red Hill Truffles became the first farm to cultivate and market the precious fungus and locally made truffle products on the Mornington Peninsula.

Jenny also hosts the only truffle hunts on the peninsula, in a truffiere comprising almost 3,000 oak and hazelnut trees.

Red Hill Truffle hunts offer a unique winter experience in a spectacular setting where the world of truffles becomes a sensory extravaganza for humans and canine hunters.

Jenny’s expert insights ensure a memorable outing from the discovery of truffles in the truffiere to savouring their aroma and texture before tasting.

Jenny McAuley and Thomas, the English Springer Spaniel, the chief truffle hunter have a unique working partnership.

Thomas ensures everyone has an opportunity to marvel as his skill, for which he is well rewarded. His fellow hunter, Maddie, is equally keen to display her skills.