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Main Ridge Cider

With its long apple-growing history and abundance of glorious fruit, Main Ridge Cider Company on the Mornington Peninsula is the home of Main Ridge Cider.

Main Ridge Cider
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The brainchild of both David Briggs and Phillip Murphy, Main Ridge cider was conceived in the early part of 2013 on the Mornington Peninsula. Through trial and tribulation, the ‘perfect’ recipe was achieved. Along with this ‘perfect’ recipe, the necessary equipment was purchased, and we were in full production.
Despite the sad passing of Phillip in 2017, David decided to continue the Main Ridge cider dream by increasing production and introducing a pear cider to stand proudly next to the apple.

Blessed with clean air, rich soil, chilled winters and lots of summer sunshine, Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is an apple-growing heaven. And only the very finest apples find their way into Main Ridge Cider.

Main Ridge Cider is a blend of old and new — traditional craft, paired with modern innovation: a perfect marriage of human and nature. We start with the best nature has to offer, then use state-of-the-art cidermaking technology to capture the natural flavour and aroma of quality fruit in our truly modern premium ciders.
We use the tastiest fruit, fresh from the tree, lovingly grown right here in Victoria at Main Ridge by using earth-friendly farming practices. Whole crisp, juicy apples are pressed with care, then transformed by pure alchemy — using modern cidermaking wizardry — into ciders of rare sparkle, clarity and balance.