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Named after advice given to Sam Coverdale by his father to always keep an even keel,  Sam Coverdale established Even Keel in 2006 with a vision to create drinkable, elegant wines that surprise and celebrate the individual strengths of Australia’s wine regions.

Since 2009 in his Mornington Peninsula label, Polperro, Sam has specialised in premium, single-vineyard wines producing iconic Mornington Peninsula wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, with a focus towards increased vineyard health using a mix of organic and biodynamic principles.

Polperro Wines was named after a strong family ties influenced by Sam & Emma’s special connection to a seaside village in Cornwall UK, Polperro. We hold these family values very close to us, and they are the foundation upon which we have built our brands. There are 3 single vineyard wines under the Polperro brand. Landaviddy Lane, Mill Hill and Talland Hill. They are named after the narrow roads in the ancient harbour town of Polperro, Cornwall in the UK .

As winegrowers with a deep love and care for the land. Each vineyard is managed uniquely to its soil type, micro climate and the characters which come through in the finished wine. They make, grow and farm the vineyards using a philosophy of sustainability and regenerative agriculture and to achieve this, they use a mix of biological, biodynamic and organic practices. Part of this process involves brewing compost teas to spray. All the beneficial Bacteria, Protozoa and Nemotodes do their thing to improve soil health, currently these teas are being applied to the vines.

The ultimate goal in these sustainable practices are to produce healthier soils and therefore even better wines!

As for the wines, since their beginning, the vineyards have matured and developed. The vineyards keep improving in health due to their organic and biodynamic management and the wines produced get better each vintage.  The wines still are created with a considered approach- celebrating individual vineyard characters using a mix of traditional and modern practices that ensure minimal intervention and sustainability.