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Two Bays Brewing Co.

TWØBAYS' passion is creating modern beers using ancient grains.

Two Bays Beer in a glass
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In order to journey through a new world of all grain craft beer that everyone can explore, TWØBAYS  built a dedicated gluten free brewery. Proudly situated in Dromana amongst Victoria’s great Mornington Peninsula breweries, they are Australia’s first dedicated gluten free Brewery.

TWØBAYS gluten free beers are all brewed using millet, buckwheat and rice in our dedicated gluten free brewery .

TWØBAYS’ core range is made up of Pale Ale, Extra Pale Ale (XPA) and India Pale Ale (IPA) and they release a new seasonal beer every three months. They went to great lengths to secure the world’s finest gluten free malts, which we exclusively import to Australia (they are not currently commercially malted here).

TWØBAYS’ passion is creating modern beers using ancient grains. We want everyone to enjoy a beer with friends and explore a new world of flavour, safe in the knowledge it’s always gluten free.